6 things to do in a CoronaVirus COVID-19 lockdown.

6 things to do in a CoronaVirus COVID-19 lockdown.

6 things to do in a CoronaVirus COVID-19 lockdown.
With all the talk of increased measures to ‘defend’ from the CoronaVirus Covid-19, people are getting more and more concerned about a lockdown where the general public will be confined to our homes. So we have put together a list of what you could be doing if you get stuck indoors.

1. Learn to DJ
If you can count to 4, you can mix. There are plenty of physical DJ schools around but there are even more online courses you take and videos to watch.

Learn to DJ in a lockdown
Most importantly, it’s all about practice, and in the event of a lockdown, you’ll have plenty of time for that.
You can mix using just your phone or iPad and simple dj controller starting from under £70 like the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch which now works with Spotify. Or the Pioneer DDJ400 giving you a club style feel for under £250.
You’re not going to get much toilet paper and hand sanitiser for that these days!

If you’ve already got the gear and know the basics, why not spend some time learning a new skill or trick. Maybe learn the basics of scratching or how to use that feature your controller has but you never got around to seeing exactly what it does.
If you’re being forced to stay in, you may as well spend it trying to learn or improve your DJ skills.

2. Learn to make a beat
These days, learning to produce music is more accessible than ever. Gone are the days of needing high power computers or expensive and confusing hardware. Now you have intelligent software at very affordable prices or even free as well as apps galore.
Computer users can use Serato Studio to throw something together really easily, just watch this fun video they made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WyFPmPx2HE

Or get the Akai Fire controller with fl studio software for an easy to use but comprehensive package.

If you prefer an iPad, the Novation Launchpad app is great fun and free, use it to launch clips that are always on time. For even more control over it, you can get one of the clever Launchpad MK3 controllers.

3. Mobile DJs
Go through your equipment. Why not spend the time going through your collection of lights and speakers. Clean and test old units, maybe sell off some old stuff you haven’t used for a while. Tidy that massive pile of tangled cables you have been putting off!

Tangled Cables
Perhaps go through that pile of cables and tidy them up, organise them , chuck out the ones that don’t work.
Do you need new flight cases or cables? Give our guys a call.
Check your own website for ways to improve it, update some text and images to keep it current and try to stand out from the crowd.

4. Learn DMX
For some, thinking in ones and zeros is normal, for others it’s a head****. If you end up locked in, try and get your head around DMX, it’s beneficial to improve your own light show and adds to your services you can offer.


Even with simple standalone DMX controller or a computer DMX interfaces like RekordBox DMX, Soundswitch or MyDMX you can make a huge difference to your light show.

5. Manage your music library
You know you’ve been meaning to get around to it, go through your tracks and re-organise them. Sort out your playlists, beatgrids, duplicates and more duplicates. There’s no excuse now, organise your folders, backups and even the artwork.

6. Throw a party, or host a live stream! 
If you know it’s safe to do so, invite your friends round and have a rave at home.
Grab some powered speakers and hook it up to your controller, add some lighting and some smoke.
See our PA speakers here and disco lights here.

Or you could live stream a DJ set online! Get everyone to tune in and have a virtual rave!

Corona COVID-19 House Party

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