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DMX Lighting Control APP For iPad or Android

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Key Features

ADJ’s mydmx GO is a revolutionary new lighting control system that is extremely powerful and incredibly easy to use. It combines a uniquely intuitive app-based control surface with a compact interface that connects wirelessly to an iPad or Android tablet and provides a standard 3-pin XLR output for connection to a lighting system.

The mydmx GO app requires zero programming but can be used to create stunning synchronized lightshows across any combination of lighting fixtures. It’s distinctive layout features two FX wheels – one for color chases and one for movements patterns – which each contain eight pre-programmed effects. These can be selected independently, customized (by altering the color palette, speed, size, shift and fan) and combined to create a vast number of different unique effects which can then be stored for instant recall to one of 50 user-defined presets. In a matter of seconds, incredible lighting displays can be easily created that would require hours of programming using traditional control systems.

With an extensive fixture library of 15,000+ profiles, the mydmx GO can be used to control all types of DMX lighting from any manufacturer. It is ideal for use by mobile entertainers as well as for small nightclubs, bars and leisure venues where a simple and easy to use lighting control system is required.



Product Description

Specifications :

• DMX Lighting Control APP for iPad or Android

• 256 DMX channels (Up to 256 additional channels can be purchased at store.dmxsoft.com for use with mydmx GO. 512 additional channels can be purchased if a second universe is required when using the interface with myDMX 3.0 software only)


• DMX over WIFI & USB

• Library of 15,000+ lighting fixtures

• Manual Channel Control

• Light Position Calibration

• 21 Automatic Effects

• 50 User Presets • Speed / Size / Shift / Fade / Fan control

• Master & Submasters

• Color Wheel

• Plug & Play

• Upgrades available at store.dmxsoft.com


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Do you own the American DJ MyDMX GO? Why not write a review based on your experience with it.
Wayne S
6 August, 2019
DMX Brilliance!
I've been looking at getting a dmx controller for my lights for a long time but been put off by all the programming and extra faff in my set up. Having seen a few videos on the MyDMX go and considering the price of the unit I thought why not, let's give it a go! Ordered from djkit.com arrived next day and within half an hour of opening and getting the app and lights set up I was all dmx'd up! Having watched various you tube videos before hand really helped in the setting up and understanding of the control in the app. For the price point this really is a great way to get your lights in sync and gain more control over your light show. Ideal for a mobile disco, would highly recommend!
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15 November, 2019
American DJ MyDMX GO
Cracking Product makes DMX accessible for all djs now
1 found this helpful
24 October, 2019
What a fantastic bit of kit well worth the money
1 found this helpful
6 September, 2019
The MyDMX Go is really amazing!
To be honest I have struggled to use a standard DMX controller for controlling stage lighting for two bands that I play in....then... ....I was recommended MyDMX Go by djkit.com sales advisor and it has been truly fantastic. Any one with any lighting must have look at it! I recommend watching the YouTube tutorial first and then it is very straightforward to use. I connected my ADJ Tri Par with some old lights and I could sync them all immediately - Wow! Now all I want to do is buy more lights! Service, support and delivery was excellent and I would recommend djkit.com as the No1 shop for all sound and lighting gear to anyone. Brilliant company!
1 found this helpful
9 August, 2019
Next generation DMX control
This is a good invention Someone had a great idea Original interface released by Light Righter last year and then licensed to ADJ I was considering to get Light Rider box at first which offers 512 channels but went with ADJ which offers 256 channels because the price for the box is better with ADJ and you would need a lot of equipment to go above 256 channels for mobile DJ Also ADJ mydmx GO box metal frame seems a bit bettermade than Light Rider plastic frame Also I was a bit concerned after I got this box it sounded like it had some loose screws inside when you move it slightly shake it but I later figured out that its the buttons on top of the box that make this loose change sound and nothing is lose inside the box Make sure you read up on setting the right channels on your devices first before you attempt the setup if you think it will just magically selfconfigure by itself it wont
1 found this helpful
15 July, 2019
Great little device easy to use with all tablets
1 found this helpful
DJ Snowy
24 May, 2019
As always great service from the guys at djkit.com 👍 Where to start great piece of equipment easy to setup, however the online manual is a little scarce on information, so you patch your lights in after downloading the software which is simple enough to use, set your addresses ensuring when you patch your lights in you select the best channels your going to use as some of the lights do have a few options during your initial patch depending on the lights complexity, make sure you mirror the channel setup on your lights. What the manual does not tell you is that the odd few lights you’ve patched in do not fully reset i.e pan, tilt, gobo, dimmer etc it did vary, you have to go into the individual fixture and manually adjust the setting which had not reset to the default setting, this took me four days to figure out a few minor bugs with it, due to this I had to save the scenes to the presets at the bottom of the iPad which is ok, but if I had not realised this after much checking and changing DMX lighting cables which I am sure other people may have done as well you may lose patience and think it’s broken 😩, if you have to do this some of the automatic settings such as blackout, colour and gobo settings will not work properly as you have manually adjusted a few of your lights and will again have to be adjusted to what you want them to do again saving it as a scene at the bottom when you’ve finished. Apart from the above I did a boxing event with set colours for the event Red boxer, Blue, controlling arena lights, boxers entrance, smoke and an RGB laser to what looked amazing and worth the initial hassle, with a software patch to fix the initial lighting fixture patch issue this would make a great product even better.
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19 May, 2019
This little box does alot its amazing arrived much quicker than I expected
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29 March, 2019
love it!
brilliant easy to use and set up and the service from djkit.com great as always
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15 March, 2019
Needed to set up fixtures which took a bit of grey matter(which is in short supply) but then it is great . Works on all my lights( all adj) and is a much simpler set up at gigs.
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15 March, 2019
Love it
Best dmx controller in the market for mobile DJ's who need something simple
1 found this helpful
6 February, 2019
Clever bit of kit if you want to do DMX easily.
Very small and easy to use. Has less channels than light rider but didn’t cause me any issues.
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4 September, 2023
Simple lighting control
Once I got my head around worked a dream, simple to use and good to set the lights as we wanted.
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15 June, 2023
Absolutely fantastic
Absolutely fantastic product had my two scanners and haze machine connected and worked perfectly
0 found this helpful
6 March, 2023
0 found this helpful
Darren Butcher
13 December, 2021
Well worth the money!
After looking for a DMX solution I decided to get MYDMXGo. Rang djkit.com to check stock and drove to Newbury from Yeovil. The chap who served me was polite and gave me some discount on the extra DMX cables I bought as well. The little app is well worth its money, and does a great job at producing quite a decent light show. I watched a short 20 mins video on YouTube as I could t quite figure the app out as it was the first time I had dived down the dmx route. Although you have automatic control on the app, you still have access to the digital channel faders to control your lights manually then save them to the empty presets at the bottom. Highly recommend this product.
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14 November, 2021
American DJ MyDMX GO
This is our second unit - really as a back up as the first one is still ok - These are still great value for those that need to do lighting for a show or even for a band - it takes a bit of getting used to - finding and loading profiles, programming etc but incredibly versatile for the cost. A couple of caveats Change the frequency on the unit through hardware Manager to stop dropouts in busy areas - just done a show where 5000 + present and although no mobile signal this was unfazed! If using a new iPad etc make sure firmware etc is up to date - can be downloaded from ADJ site If using an older tablet do not upgrade IOS ! but does mean you end up with a a dedicated IPAD warning the USB power input does fail over time - the mounting internally is a bit flimsy so would suggest mounting it on a board with cable secured so it doesn't bend / twist etc If you lose the antenna ADJ Europe have spares! with a bit of TLC these will do you well !
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17 May, 2021
Great concept and idea, works well on iPad but difficulties on Android, I have been trying for the last week to get it working on a new Android tablet but to no avail and very little support available. On iPad it works well and is easy to get your head around and is a great addition to any type of lighting show.
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25 November, 2020
Simple to use and works first time
DMX controllers have come along way in the last 10 years ! The hardware worked great, and my tablet connected to the hardware first time. The app is awesome, never crashed, and worked first time for all my hardware. I had moving spots, washes, lasers, and a smoke machine, all working of MyDMX Go. Highly recommended
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23 November, 2020
Takes a little time but stick with it!
I have a Chauvet Obey 40 which is ok, does the job but was recommended MyDMX Go so figured why not. It's a superb piece of equipment and, to me, offers a greater level of flexibility than the Obey. I am by no means an expert, very much a novice at DMX'ing so spent time watching YouTube for some education. MyDMX go is easy to set up, downloading the light profiles is easy and then it's just a case of playing with the app and finding what works for you. Figure as we're in lockdown with no gigs, it's a great time to take a step back and learn something new...this is definitely worth getting! Usual great service from djkit.com too.
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John P.
7 March, 2020
Game Changer!
If you're dipping your toe into the world of DMX light control this isn't a bad place to start. I've been using this unit for 3 months now and it offers simple set up and control over your light show, bringing even the smallest and simple of light set ups to the next level. As with all things, you need to read the instructions and set up information, but once you've done that this system and the associated App is simple and intuitive to use. In simple terms you tell the system what lights you are using, download a DMX profile onto your Tablet / App and away you go. Very easy and there are some great videos available on Youtube if you need any help - MyDMXGo system is exactly the same App as Lightrider - check out the videos before you buy to see how straight forward this system is to use. The system has some built in shows which are OK, but you can build your own presets too and save them - great if you have regular venues that you gig at or if your light setup doesn't change that much. Support is great and there are some very helpful user groups across social media platforms. Users do report some WiFi dropout issues, but I have to say I've not experienced this when using with an IPad. Spend some time to understand how this little system works and you can create some great lighting effects. A small unit that is quick to set up at your gig - essential for mobile DJs - which will improve your light show 100% if you've only ever used Sound-to-light in the past. Gets 5 stars from me - highly recommended - spend some time familiarising yourself with the operation of the App and you won't be disappointed.
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14 February, 2020
Ok for DJ less for events
The idea is great, but I had 2 issues 1) First time I used is live I went to plug the usb power in and the socket broke and fell inside the case. Panic. Till I rememberd all the lights have sound reactive mode. Luckily only my daughters 6th party, but I'd have been proper annoyed if it was a paying customer. 2) Although the auto modes make it easy to get a setup flashing nicely, the stage/events side isnt so easy. Given the issue with the usb power socket I lost my confidence with it so have gove for the rack mount version and will have to programme everything is DMX 3.0. NlWorth noting you can use the DMX3.0 software with MyDMX Go but have to pay a bit more IIRC. djkit.com were great on service, no quibble on the exchange/upgrade and will be writing a review on that once I had a play. The key benefit for me is being able to save 15 progs and trigger them without a pc, just in case that crashes. And an external, easily replaceable 9V power supply ;)
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Considering purchasing the American DJ MyDMX GO? Have questions? Ask people who've recently bought one.
HELP! DMX Newbie! I have 4 Moving heads, and 4 uplighters. Want to buy this to control them all together. There are only 2 DMX outputs on this thing it looks like... But I will have 8 DMX cables (1 for each light is that right?) How do I connect 8 lights to this unit that only has 2 outputs? I'm so confused! (Like I said, I'm a complete newbie) Thanks
stef.johnstone asked 2 years ago
Hi Stef. You will need to daisy chain the fixtures together so that the DMX signal is passed to all of your lights. Each lighting fixture should have a DMX IN socket and a DMX OUT socket, literally link all lights using these sockets with DMX cables, the first cable will go from your MYDMXGO to the first light in your rig. The alternative is to purchase a DMX splitter box which will take the cable from your MYDMXGO to a DMX IN socket on the splitter box, and will then go to a number of DMX OUT sockets to connect to from there. You don't really need a Splitter box for the number of fixtures that you are planning on using, a single cable / daisy chain will be fine. There are some good videos on YouTube (also check out LightRider - same product) and plenty of support groups on social media. Hope that helps. John P.
john.pringle8 answered 2 years ago
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